10 feed rules

rules10 rules
You should avoid the following foods:

1.-Carb simple.

2.-Milk and all dairy cow.

3.-Consume fruits in small portions, avoid consuming them in juices, waters, smoothies, etc.

4.-Food made with wheat flour, no bread or multigrain.


6.-Grain, sliced bread, rice, granola, etc.

7.-Honey, white sugar, brown, Splenda, stevia sweetener or sweetener virtually no.

8.- Don’t smoke, smoking decreases your hormonal level, in addition to the deleterious effects we all know.

9. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and if you’re drinking it one or two glasses without refreshment. Table wine very sparingly and infrequently.

10.-Dinner carbohydrates like flour, cereals, milk, sandwiches, quesadillas, fruit, juice, hinder sleep well and make you wake up.


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