As the name may suggest, andropause is the gradual decline of the masculine sexual hormone, known as testosterone. In men, it is harder to detect the exact time when this gradual decline may begin.

In most males, andropause begins with very vague symptoms like light insomnia, loss of muscular mass and strength in a gradual manner, as well as the increase of abdominal fat. Changes in mood moving towards clinical depression may come and go. Also, you may start to notice some changes in the skin, hair, lack of beard growth and body hair, as well as a diminishment of sexual activity, morning erections and general interest in sexual intercourse.

TRY-EFFECT help you to improve sleep quality, rest and regeneration of men that start with these testosterone changes, as well as multivitamin MULTI-FARMA-VITA that ensure healthy bones and body, complemented with FARMA-OMEGA-CQ10 that clean and restore veins and arteries, as well as nourishing the brain to keep good concentration, and mental agility for every day chores.

Prevention and information are the key of a healthy lifestyle in adult life.

You don’t have to resign and live with these undesired changes in your body. We have rich experience in the application of pellets, giving you the attention you need while taking care of your health.

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