What are Pellets?


Bio-identical Pellets

Being bio-identical means that they are the same hormonal compounds produced by the body in a normal manner. These implants may be of testosterone for men, or estradiol and testosterone for women.


Scientific data and studies have verified the efficiency of pellet implants with helping diminish symptoms of men and women derived from menopause or andropause, without secondary effects, both deleterious and adverse.

What are pellets?

Pellets are implants made of natural testosterone or estrogen produced from yam. These small cylinders are the size of a grain of rice, and packaged in small sterile vials in an individual manner, like ay other medication. They’re currently approved by the FDA.

Why use pellets?

Pellets release hormonal levels for 4-6 months in a steady manner, avoiding hormonal fluctuations in the bloodstream caused by synthetic medicine that flow through the bloodstream to the liver.

Besides, its much more logical to use natural means of hormonal substitution instead of synthetic options like its been done in the past. In several studies the gradual release of hormones in subcutaneous body fat with pellets has proven to be far superior to remove annoying symptoms of menopause and andropause and keeping bone density in healthy levels. Pellets also restore normal sleep levels, sexual impulse, libido, and general energy levels.

Subcutaneous implants are excellent for treating migraine and headaches, as well as menstrual headaches, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and urinary emergencies. In both men and women it is proven that they increase energy levels, help with depression, increase the general sense of well-being, remove anxiety, and increase cognitive processes such as memory and concentration.

Internal releasing of these pellets increase muscle mass and remove excess fat from the body. In both men and women the regular and optimized hormonal level prevents processes of aging such as Alzheimer and Parkinson that have been related to low levels of testosterone. Even in patients where hormonal treatments have failed, pellets have proven to give good results.  They have been used since the 1930s in the United States.

How do you apply these pellets?

Pellet insertion in the body is simple and painless. It’s a procedure where local anesthesia is applied in the same place where intramuscular injections are normally administered.

The applier releases the pellet in the subcutaneous area where fat is located. Hence, the body easily can release the contents of pellets and maintain a regular and adequate daily dosage. In expert hands, this procedure is simple and lasts no more than one minute, completely devoid of all pain.

Minor bruises may occur and it is recommended to have 8 days of general and relative rest. It is recommended to maintain exercise to a low level (without intensity) so that the pellet implant may be well received by the body.

It’s vital that you follow the instructions given to you after the application of such pellet.

Do men need hormones?

Testosterone levels in men begin to decrease since their 30 years of age, but low levels of testosterone may begin to appear during their 40s or 50s. Few of them may reach their 70 or 80 years of age with normal hormonal levels.

They have to realize complete testosterone levels analyses in blood as soon as they begin to observe symptoms such as: bone density deficiency, insomnia, tiredness, depression, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscular mass, abdomen fat increase, general decline of well-being, bad mood, irritability, compulsive hunger, memory loss, etc.

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